MSP vs. In-House IT Services – Which is better?

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From cyber threats and software updates to daily troubleshooting and installations, your company might be ready to hire out IT services. You have two options: You can either employ an in-house IT Specialist or outsource to a Managed Service Provider. Which is the better choice? Many businesses struggle to choose which would work best for them or might not even know what’s available to them. If your business is looking for IT services, let’s weigh out the options…

In-House IT


On-site availability

Many businesses will hire an in-house IT person or team because they can take advantage of having daily support on-site. Of course, this only extends to business hours. However, having someone directly involved is very useful.

Deeper knowledge of company’s internal systems

In-house IT professionals will know all the ins and outs of all networks, hardware, software, and equipment used within the company. An outsourced IT person may not know this information right away.


Large expense

When hiring an IT professional, you should be paying them a living wage. This results in a continual outflow of money from your business. Your company might also offer healthcare services and paid time off for employees. This leads us to our next point…

Lack of support when IT member is on vacation or sick

When your IT staff is away, you won’t have access to their services. This could put your business performance at risk.

A lot of downtime

On the other hand, you may not require service at all times during the week. Hiring an IT team requires you to pay them whether you require their service often or if they are just there for backup. Again, this might be a large expense that is not actually serving your business at all times.

Lower level of exerptise

Of course, this all depends on the IT team you hire, but it’s generally known in the IT world that continual training is crucial. As time goes on, most companies won’t be able to provide the proper training needed for their in-house IT team.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)


Range of price and options

Many MSPs offer a wide range of service and price options. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or at an enterprise-level, you can choose an MSP that matches your budget and your needs.


As your business grows, you can allow your MSP to provide higher levels of service. This allows you to actually pay for the service you’re receiving instead of employing someone you may not be utilizing.

Wide range of skills and experience

MSPs specialize in modern IT services. As a result, they are most likely going to be up-to-date with the most advanced IT service practices available. Continual learning and training are vital to them in order to expand their capabilities to you as their client.

24/7 availability

Although an in-house IT specialist is always available on-site, MSPs can offer 24/7 service if you give them a call. You typically do not have to wait too long for their service, generally around 10 minutes to an hour at most.


Lack of full control

The biggest and most straight-forward con of MSPs is that they’re located remotely. As a result, they’re not able to get hands-on at your premises.

With that being said, it’s important to know that many businesses aren’t interested in this level of control. They simply need reliable IT services to fix problems as they arise, provide security, manage backups, and occasionally install new software or hardware.

The right choice for your business

Overall, outsourcing your IT needs with an MSP is the right choice for nearly all businesses. The low-cost and level of expertise outweighs the potential risk of having an in-house IT team. If you value high-level service to your customers or clients, your business will consistently be rated higher when you choose to invest in top-of-the-line security and infrastructures.

If your business is ready to outsource to a remote managed service provider, let OrangeTech provide you the service you need. Based in Southern Utah, we have provided services for companies of all sizes in the Western United States. CONTACT US today to get started.

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